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CRYSTALLICA, is a collaboration between director Nina Caspari and singer-songwriter NATALYA - author, producer and performer of original love theme, "Aren't You Tired Of Breaking My Heart."

CRYSTALLICA stands as a romantic statement of female empowerment - and a tribute to all forms of love, including self love.


Back in 2015 Natalya spent some time co-writing and collaborating with PRINCE when she wrote the theme of “Aren’t you tired of Breaking my heart”. She sent it to PRINCE for some lyrical inspiration and his response was that she should save it for a movie.


“Eye remember this and Eye don’t want to waste it. It’s a classic movie theme song and needs a script 2 tells [sic] Us the title and subject matter. So serious about this song. Please save it.” - reads an email from PRINCE to NATALYA back in 2015.


5 years later, NATALYA followed PRINCE’s instructions and tailored the lyrics to narrate a short film - CRYSTALLICA

** Winner Best Music Video at Florence Film Awards 2021

** Winner Best Production Design at Florence Film Awards 2021

** Official Selection Lady Filmmakers Festival Beverly Hills 2019

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